Saturday, 20 August 2011


First zbrush mess

Well this is what i made today (yesterday). The goal was to set out to make a bump map in Zbrush, from a high polly to use on a low polly mesh. I also hada try at AO mapping. Suprisingly, these things worked. Yay, now I know how to do it, now i need to learn how to do it right.
Problems ive ran into, random textures on model, very apparent seams, AO arifacts. also, the AO is very dark on the fingers for some reason. Oh well. It's my very first try at both zbrushing a model, high to low and AO. Other attemps I havnt really known what I was doing at all. Hey, this is just a bench mark for me. And a pretty easy one to beat. Soon, Ill be making cool zbrush shit with Mary and the like. ;D

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Sarankan said...

good job on it..u just need to pull through it! the first few are always troublesome, just need to keep going!!! As for me ive just wasted a week trying to rig that frickin aviator..