Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Photostudy- 30-40 mins
MMO Character - W.I.P
MMO Character- Idea Map
Self Portrait, 30 minutes

George Cohan Statue

Ak! Over slept today, instead of 9 hours drawing, I get 6, lame! I look quite smug in this painting, hu?
And another photo study, I was only interested in the armor and the face, didnt care too much for backgrounds this time.
 Also some more work in progress for my MMO chaeracter project. Just need to render them out and theyll be fine.I also added my current idea map, Ill add comments later on, but keeping a PDF of photos I collected seems like a good way to keep my ideas together. Today is a bit of a shambles, so im going to just out some drawing time and go right into 3D. (edit) Think it was worth it, got most of the Cohan statue down, just need to go in and lower the poly count and fix up areas. Going to have to rig this to get it in the right stance, ah, it will be worth it.

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