Monday, 22 August 2011



Still Life- Plums in water

Been studying feet this morning. Complicated little things. I think my tradiational sketches this morning are better than the photostudy. I think I spent a bit too long on this, wasnt really neccacary. Oh whell.
Still life with some plums, decided to put them in water just to see what they'd look like, they floated for  while but when i got to painting them they fell, bit lame. Took an hour, natural lighting for the win!  Infact the lighting was so bright Im not sure how grey the achual image is, cant see it from glare and stuff. :I

High poly Model

Low Polly model
 Man am I sick of these models. Took the low polly into zbrush, zbrush messed up the low polly mesh along with the bump map and deformed the low polly. The maps had all sorts of problems, major head aches all over. Im pretty tired of these models at the moment. So Im going to start a new charcter, and forget about these. Im so fed up with them, texturing the bodys in detail is too draining to do at the moment. Just slow pased. :L Also I've come to realise his head looks tiny, that sucks.

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