Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ragnarok Two-Handed Sword

A simple sword, based on the Two-Handed Sword designs from Ragnarok Online. Just a day thing, sweet and simple.
512 textures, they worked just as well at 256x256, even lower beacuse its so simple, but just for why not-s I left it at 512. Theres still alot of space on the map, so I might do one or two more simple weapons.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Pocket Sketchbooks

I carry around with me two sketchbooks. One A4 and one pocket sized for 5 minute drawings. I dont really consider the pocket sketchbooks great stuff, but they're cool. Often more experimental than my A4 sketchbook, somehow. Also, I can go through a pocket sketchbook in record time.
Tower of London
Tower of London
 Funny thing about the Tower of London, I got all the way there, and my camera batteries went flat, frustrated, I just drew it instead. It was quite nerving having lots of people walk around you while youre trying to draw. 

Horsham - St Patricks day...
 An empty pub in Horsham, on St Patrick's day...

London Underground

Train sketches

Latvia - Winter

Riga, Latvia.

Prince Of Persia - the shadow and the Flame Trailer [UK]

My first official title, wow! I can finaly say I worked on Prince of Persia (shadow and the flame) When working at Ubisoft, India, good times. It's come so far in such a short time, lots of hard work went in.

Its only a shame I wasnt there for the end of the development, there were some props and environment stuff I really wanted to finish and work on. But no regrets.

Im sure its going to be great fun. Anyone with a smart-phone or ipad out there that follows me, defiantly keep your eye open for this one!

Monday, 8 April 2013

3Ds Max user inside joke

You can save every 10 minutes and still find a reason to be upset about it crashing and losing your painstakingly unwrapped and rearranged islands.
Although I have realised how UV Unwrapping is a little like being a kid, and you have those shapes that you put into those holes that fit. That thought brings a whole new level of "Oh god why" to unwrapping. Baby.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A duck owns a house

I decided to draw a duck, if ducks were to have houses. This particular duck is the yellow kind, that reads the New News Newsley and owns one of those loud as the industrial revolution washing machines.