Friday, 9 August 2013

Sketchbooks of recent!

I've noticed theres been a lack of sketchbook posts of recent. Mostly, my sketchbooks are worked in when I travel. There's alot of fun to be had drawing others on the tube or in the stations, now I dont travel as much as I used to I kind of miss it. But that doesnt mean there are other places to sit and draw! So I've been drawing where ever I can.

 I've been spending a good amount of time in Horsham, the parks are a pretty decent place to go drawing, huge fields close to a gym, lots of people running, lounging.

 My family enjoy spending long Friday afternoons at their local pub in Reading, this is the view from their usual seat. I draw this scene often, as it gets harder to draw the longer the night gets.
 I remember being told at one point, by someone, that the trees in this part of Reading inspired the ents in Tolkin's books. That being true or not, Im not sure, but they are pretty interesting twisted trees.

 There are apparently Forbery garden festivals every year, I knew nothing about them, medieval themed tents and toys are sold, and drinking can be had. Or you can be anti-social and draw, I chose both.

A pretty fun game ive made for drawing people on the train. As you may know, because of the seating in trains, half or more of the other passengers faces may be unable to see because of the chairs or other passangers. To combat this, I draw the part of the person I can see and than imagine the rest. Its pretty fun, good when you see the rest of them and notice they dont have a beard or the body of a goat.

I've been piling up a large number of sketchbooks. I dont completely know what to do with them once theyre finished with. They just sit on my desk like trophies.

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