Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Never before has one man achieved so little by waring a hat.

So I made these little achievement icons the other day in Photoshop. I keep thinking maybe I should do them all in Illustrator, I understand why you would, vector based imagery is very useful when variant resolution is an issue. But I just enjoy the painting. But they were quick doodles with not much thought put into them. I'm no pro with graphics, but they're fun to do.

In the mean time, looking for work is a bit of a downer. My main concern with applying to artist positions, is if apply, you get no feedback, even if you request it , so you never know where youre going wrong with your portfolio or art work.
 Sure, I understand that over 400 people apply for one position, so its imposable to critique each applicant. (That is why i also imagine my portfolio often goes right in the reject bin, culling saves time.). And maybe theres noting wrong with the portfolio, how would you know? Its up to the artist to assume what what went wrong and try to fix it for the next client, whos needs are different. I mean, you cant fix your portfolio, than come back to them a week later. The position will have been taken by than, also theres the social aspects of being annoying, so its not going to happen like that. (Even if you do realy like the company and the people in it, the hiring staff will remember you as that jerk.)
All this is understandable, frustrating to observe and it often leaves me with the thought: "What the heck am I doing?".

Lets hope for the best. Im sure I'll find work with a great company, eventually.

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Sarah Evans said...

Found your blog through your steam profile, been oogling over the tasty drawings.
I dunno if things have changed between now and the entry Im posting on but it sucks about not finding a job in the industry, I've always really like your stuff, much more interesting than a lot of stuff going. Can't beleive you've not had any luck with jobs, don't beat yourself up over it. Most people on the course from our year (now doing their FMPs) don't even wanna work in industry anymore, I think everyone has realised it sucks and is too hard....
Was just wondering if you'd though about trying to get involved with steam green light games? (If you aren't in a job already), there is literally hunderds if not thousands of games currently being made by inviduals or small groups, that get put up on steam for the community to 'green light' and get it put onto steam for sale, the vast majority of which still in production. These smaller groups of developers often need more people (with artistic/3d skills)to help make the game. There are more and more games getting green lighted that go on to do really well.
I'm not saying you'd get paid for working on those games (unless they do well maybe I dunno), but the experience gained would be a big plus for the CV etc... its all experience. An added plus is its likely to all be via online correspondence, so you don't have to travel (most are probs in USA anyway), and can fit it in with other stuffs you may be doing.

I dunno anyway, wanted to throw something out there, as I said I always liked your stuff and I bet there are loads of people out there that would love to have your skills working for them. I really hope you land something you wanna do!

Take care,
Sarah ----(this is me if you can't remember haha