Friday, 21 September 2012

Sandy n red

I dont get alod of time to relax and draw you know? I have to do all art related stuff at the office, which sounds fine, but they turn off the AC at 5, than it gets hot. You know sitting around all week from 8-8 in the same room will make anyone insane. So I avoid it naturaly, which means I dont paint and draw as much.
If I had a laptop or computer at home itd be alot different, but those are not the cards Ive been dealt.
Id render the crap out of this, but you get the idea.


Matt Hancox said...

I feel for you, no PS at home and all that free time :( Its all worth it though! Great work/life experience mate! When you do you head back to UK?

Tristan Silva said...

Yeah the time away from the computer is a good thing to build a mental reference, why google something when I can remember what it looks like?
Its just a shame, I'd like to be able to draw in a homely environment for personal work you know?

Returning on December 5th, probably wont go to uni untill next year as Ill be living in around london with Mary, its a bit far to travel every day you know?