Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ragnarok RSX-0806

RSX-0806, I wanted to give him a normal map aswell, but there wasnt a whole lot of need, everything was quite visable in the diffuse. But still as soon as I got the emissive map in there it started to look really cool.
 Fully hand painted, thanks to the wonders of 3dsmax's viewport canvas and my fancy yet spammed photoshop brushes. Fun times!
For something which is just a rusty sphere, i like how it turned out.


I want to make more Ragnarok monsters now...But which one to chooosee....


Sarankan Logan said...

Hey man hope everything's going good...I was wondering for some time why I wasn't getting any of your updates ... turns out i was following u with the wrong email:(.. .nice to see u doing models and stuff in your free time:);so i guess what I'm trying to say is, have you rescued any animals yet

Gemma Suen said...

:D That's pretty awesome Tristian. Hope things are going well for you. The rusty sphere is pretty cute!