Friday, 13 April 2012

Longest upload ever

Well dispite it being dificult to draw and work on the computer, not to mention upload some bits (took half an hour to upload this, thats with the browser failing to respond that is), I've managed to upload atleast something.
In my time here Ive been reading Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett, coming up with ideas based on the characters and settings, seemed like a fun adventure.
Been designing a snowy mountine town called Bad Ass, a girl named Esk.
I liked how with esk I started mildly serious, than stoped caring and had fun, than didnt bother polishing the more realistic portraits, I was only playing with the hair designs anyway. :\
And an graphic of a prawn to show as an example to a friend, which than was asked to re-draw as a woodlouce, which didnt happen.

In terms of news, got an internship at Ubisoft, I'll be starting in 2 months, pretty sweet.

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