Monday, 9 April 2012

Crappy PC week

Stuck out here in Reading for a week and a bit with a crappy computer which wont let me upload pictures to any website or even view the main page of facebook (just comes up blank).
So no pictures untill the 18th It would seem (damn). Aint that a shame.
Also my hard drive broke. The important one, with all the important info on it.


Gemma Suen said...

Is your harddrive broken physically? Or is it intact? I think you can bring it to a computer technician to try to recover the data if it is completely intact (bearing in mind the technician will probably try to rip you off).

Tristan C. Silva said...

Broken internaly, the spindle doesnt move when starting up, and the arms, i guess thats what they're called, dont respond as they should. So it just makes this buzz noise every 2 seconds or so. Very frustrating.
However Im going to test out a freezer method tomorrow which I may be able to salvage some of the data. If not, its hammer time ;b because repairing a hard drive is pricey!

Sarankan said...

Man its soo weird being on the other end:)...One thing that might work is to install the os on a 2nd hd and then use this as a secondary..if ur current one can still boot that is...hope u get it fixed man..or just hammer it( whatever that means:p)

Tristan C. Silva said...

Nah the things a gonner.
Real shame, I had a large art referance database on there, not to mention every scrap of art from 2005 to now.
Just have to go about collecting again, however I dont have anything large enough to store all the photos i need. :I

Gemma Suen said...

:( Man, that really sucks, well starting over or even if you are able to get the data back, have
you considered an external harddrive to keep a back up of your stuff? It's a real shame, I've seen your progress from the early 2000's on deviantART :/.

Tristan C. Silva said...

:I That was the thing, that was the external hard drive...I gust didnt have the backup forthe backup.

My DA account diesnt have all the sketches I didnt post.
It doesnt matter too much though, Ill have to look into getting a new one soonish.