Saturday, 3 December 2011


30 Minute photostudy

Morning Self Portrait
Long time no real words. Ive been kind of pre-occupied with silly little things and been unable to update frequently with a good amount of text.
Not much has been going on.
But ive noticed a trend in my course of blatent photocopying. Makes me want to make a tutorial on why one should do a photostudie. Or copy from a photo in general.
Theres nothing wrong with photo studies, but how you use them can be. Copying from a photo and saying " heres my final illustration, look at me im badass " is pretty lame, theres no real challenge and youre not helping yourself create new imagery, you already have the photo, what the point of painting it? No one will ever ask you to copy a photo to the T. Painting a realisitc scene from like has some promise. Youre changing a 3D scene, into a 2D plane with the illustion of 3D. Which is a great skill you learn and will make you understand the 3D world in depth. Where as the 2D photo study is flat naturaly. Not to mention, the difference between youre two eyes vision and the vision of a one eyed camera.

You should realy only do photostudies for reasons such as: How do I draw that?  Ive never drawn that before. I want to know a bit more about this. I want to test out this new technique/brush/medium.
Some people dont seem to realise that and just go " DUR THIS IS MY AMAZIN FINAL PEICE ", its pretty lame.

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