Sunday, 18 December 2011

Reading is a pile of, okay I guess.

30 minute speedpaint
Considering Im back in Reading I thought I would do a quick speedpaint. This is a little stuffed bear that sits in my hallway, thought it was kind of fluffy, dont draw many fluffy things.

On other news, I forgot to bring my tablet mouse with me, this isnt a problem for drawing, however using 3DsMax now has a added challenge to it, it would seem.
Oh I also forgot to bring my lamp, so still lifes are going to look kind of dull in the afternoons, stupid light.

 Oh yeah, and this stuff. Dont you love it when youre university gets you to do work for them, but make it part of your university projects? ...what that doesnt happen to you? Well youre obviously missing out. (If that sounds bitter, its not, Im fine with it, but still find it amusing.)

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