Monday, 2 January 2012

Sometimes I just guilt myself in to writing something about my work. Mainly because I rarely write anything and secondly, It will make me look slightly more professional. Not only that, but it could build character, who knows. Give people something to read you know.

So This will be about the use of reference material, as we all know use of reference has its up and downs.
Copying a photo to the pixel is something that I consider poison, however the use of photos can change your work from something alright, to something a bit better. How do you know what your charcters face will look like if you dont know what a face looks like? Many artists use a photo or a model or something like that. Life drawing is using a referance, just primary referance. Recently Ive been thinking about how I can use my life drawing for illustration purposes, Ive done this a few times before, a few digital paints and a few traditionals.
Change the clothes, change the setting, change the mood, change the stance. The limits are unending, the first push is all thats needed to catapult ones imagination into a place unknown, who cares how you get there once youre there?
I dont really know where Im going with this. I guess I can just say, I used referance, than changed my painting untill it no longer looked like the reference picture, In fact, I got the reference from a korean photoshoot website. Oh well.