Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Armstrong sidley racer

For a little summer project set by Lee Piper, I decided to make a little sylized racer to go with my level. So i squished down an Armstrong Sidley. The goal was to make it low polly for a game. But 6,000 triangles was far too low, after talking to some people about making mid polly things for my portfolio. So I amped it up to 17k+. 20k being the limit, but I didnt want to get too neer it. Its low polly in places, such as the interior.
And so far has 1 1024x1024 Difuse, spec and normal map for the shell. 1 256x256 dif and bump for wheels. 1 512x512 difuse and alpha for the frame and interior.
Twas a fun little thing. Oh the car would be far less polly and more efficient if i didnt include interiors such as the engine and breaks and what not.

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