Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Coins Revisit

As I rarely ever comment on my own blog, I think I've been coming across as some kind of, strange machine, submitting work to a dead blog. So to counter this, I think I should say just a little bit about the pices I submit, or the thigns going on in daily life.

This was a revisit of one of my older pictures, basicaly I collect all my old coins, like a particular stereotype and take them down to Morrisons to exchange them for fine ales. Only problem with this is I have to get the change first. Last time, I saved up to £8.70p or something. Im not close to that yet, and Im -£1 from scavanging all the 10p coins.

Oh well, just been working on character modeling in my spare time! I have a bunch of projects in my desk draws and so many distractions. Work work.

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